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2014 Spring Teacher Insitute

The Confucius Institute Spring Teacher Institute for local Chinese teachers was held on Emory campus on May 2. The Spring Institute featured a lecture by Professor Au Xuegang, who has just completed his two-year term as Associate Director for the Confucius Institute at Emory. Professor Ao received his BA in Chinese Literature from Eastern Normal University and Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Chinese Literature from Nanjing University. An expert in classical Chinese literature and culture in Han (206AD-220BC) and Jin (265-420BC) dynasties, Professor Ao discussed China’s history of education from the antiquity to the late Qing in the 19th century in his presentation. He traced the development of education in China under the imperial rule, detailing for the audience how education was pursued by people from different social groups from the gentry class to the poor and how civil examination shaped China’s curricula for centuries. With vivid descriptions, he explained how the private tutorial system helped perpetuate the dominance of Confucianism until the early twentieth Century and how recruitment of tutors and students and traditional teaching methodologies were implemented. His informative lecture engaged and intrigued the school teachers from Atlanta and surrounding suburbs at the lecture. The participants received teaching materials and dictionaries donated by the Confucius Institute after the training.   

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